Lisbon Portugal Travel Guide: Lisboa Portugal Travel Tips

Lisbon Portugal Travel Guide – Lisboa Portugal Travel Tips. Today in Lisbon we explore a travel guide on Portugal! Lisbon is amazing and the capitol of Portugal …

25 thoughts on “Lisbon Portugal Travel Guide: Lisboa Portugal Travel Tips

  1. momentsmeanmore says:

    I've been interested visiting Portugal for a while now but I'm always worried about the cost of traveling out of the United States. Japan is one place I'd like to go to but it's pretty pricey. I've traveled to Mexico to visit family on my mom's side but that's about it. A friend online told me it's actually not that costly to visit Portugal. I think it'd be an interesting place to travel to.

  2. Module79L says:

    Just a small correction: the Pastéis de Belém are Pastéis de Belém, not pastéis de nata. The ones from Belém have a secret recipe, exclusive to them, and they are trademarked. Other pastry shops tried to make them but since they didn't know the recipe and they couldn't use the same name, they came up with a similar pastry and called it Pastel de Nata.

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